January 22, 2016

About us

We are an accounting firm

We are an accounting firm with a strong focus on helping individuals and businesses increase their wealth and, therefore, quality of life through focusing on the right things.

It is in focusing on the right things that substantial gains are made both in business and life.

There is a very big difference between making money (income) and accumulating money (wealth).  In our experience, the world is full of people who know how to make money, but very few know how to accumulate it.

We believe that this comes down to focus.  What you focus on expands.

Contrary to what we see every day, financial wealth, as in most endeavours, is achieved through a series of small daily financial wins, not one big one.  It is a habit, not an event.


We provide the missing puzzle

We constantly see people who in both their personal and business financial lives, try hard, work hard and yet get nowhere near the financial results that they could because they don't:

  • Know and/or understand their key numbers;
  • Know and/or understand the key drivers which will make the biggest differences to their financial lives when focused on;
  • Know and/or understand the important other issues which, if not dealt with, could cost at best a fortune or at worst everything (e.g. structuring, tax, insurance etc)
  • Know what and/or how to implement the actions or changes which need to be implemented;
  • Take action. Most people need someone to keep them accountable. That's why personal trainers are so popular right now-accountability.

Together with a select group of highly skilled and like-minded referral partners, we provide the missing piece of the puzzle; the link between hard work and wealth and therefore lifestyle.