January 20, 2016


The bane of most small business owners’ lives and yet, if embraced and done correctly, one of the keys to good business management.

While most business owners only attend to their bookkeeping requirements as an afterthought to keep the Tax Office happy (and most individuals do nothing), the right focus on bookkeeping is one of the building blocks upon which good financial management is built.

If you don’t know your numbers you can’t possibly manage them, or your business.

The recent advances in technology have enabled us to offer our clients a highly efficient, low cost option to attend to their bookkeeping needs.

Done properly, an efficient bookkeeping system will have the following benefits for your business:


Improved compliance with the Tax Office, which will result in less chance of late or incorrect lodgement penalties;
Better cash flow management through the use of technology;
Up to date knowledge of the Key Performance Indicators of your business which, if monitored and managed, can significantly improve the financial performance of your business;
A higher degree of automation which leads to time saving and therefore a better quality of life;
The ability to delegate roles and responsibilities because information is recorded in the bookkeeping system as opposed to the business owner’s head. This again leads to time saving, an increase in profits and a better quality of life;

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