January 20, 2016

Business structuring

If you are in business you are at risk. Simple as that. You are at risk from:

  • Your Customers
  • Your Suppliers
  • Your Employees
  • The General Public
  • The Tax Office
  • Yourself (Poor Business Management)

Correctly structuring your affairs, both business and personal, ensures that, as much as possible, the effects of these potential risks are minimised.

Structuring is implemented in order to:

  • Protect your assets
  • Minimise your tax

In addition to minimising your tax, getting your structure right can be a key pillar in both increasing and protecting your wealth.

Structuring can be complex. Simply ordering an off the shelf company will almost always get the structure wrong.  Designing the correct structure must include the following considerations:

  • The type of business
  • The type of industry
  • Are there separate business units
  • Your plan for your business (what will it look like when it is finished)
  • Your exit strategy
  • Your personal income requirements
  • The existence of business IP, now and in the future
  • How you will fund your business, now and in the future
  • Your personal wealth building plans
  • Your personal circumstances, including:
    • Your age,¬†personal assets and liabilities, your relationship status (now and planned), and whether or not you have children

It is only when all of the above issues are considered, and quite often more, that the correct structure can be decided upon.

We have specialised in structuring for over 15 years.  All of our structure documents (e.g. Trust Deeds and Company Constitutions) are specifically drafted by lawyers and can, if required, be customised to suit your particular circumstances.

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