January 20, 2016

Pre-insolvency services

Sometimes, despite doing all the right things, or due to lack of good business management processes, things go wrong and action needs to be taken to salvage what’s possible.

If the right steps are taken early enough, quite often not all is lost. Together with our hand-picked affiliates, we can help you to:

  • Identify your position and decide on a strategy moving forward;
  • Communicate with creditors to alleviate pressure;
  • Consolidate and/or renegotiate debt;
  • Communicate and deal with the Tax Office;
  • Collect Debtors; and
  • Communicate and deal with Liquidators and Insolvency Practitioners.


The key is to not put off doing something.

Whilst it’s human nature to “work hard” to fix the problem, this can be counterintuitive and, if the underlying cause isn’t corrected first, the problem will never be fixed.

Furthermore, the stress and wasted time of having to deal with the situation often takes away from your ability to “work hard”.

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