January 21, 2016

Accounting and tax

Little things = big difference

Whilst the preparation and lodgement of your financial statements and/or income tax returns is essentially a compliance issue, it’s the little things which make a big difference, such as:

Communication – We meet both prior to the commencement of the job and throughout the processing of the job to ensure that:

  • We are fully informed of your circumstances and the issues surrounding the required work; and
  • You are fully informed of the progress of the job and any issues arising from the completion of the work

Pricing Certainty – We price all compliance work up front, which means that you know, prior to the commencement of any work, how much the job is going to cost.

Proactivity – Whilst essentially a compliance issue, significant tax savings can be had by being proactive with advice surrounding tax minimisation and the proactive dealing with adverse tax issues which arise throughout the year.

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