April 2, 2015


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Ron Mooney

Craig and the team at Exceedia have been my accountants for nearly 15 years.

They have helped me in all areas of our business, not just compliance work.

When unexpected issues arise in which Craig can help he always makes himself available with service that is professional and efficient using his vast array of knowledge and contacts.

I would highly recommend Exceedia to anyone as I have done over the years to numerous family, friends and business associates.

Roy Leaver

After a lifetime of diligent focus, early years in corporate management and the last 25 years in private business, I wish I had met Craig Budgen a long time ago.

Like many specialists, I was so intent on results and so isolated in strategic planning that a lot of my creative energy was lost to the taxman or to gross inefficiencies in our operating systems.

Accountants bother me like a noose around the neck of good business (and lifestyle) practice, but Craig is from a different planet… he brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, experience, wisdom and initiatives impossible to duplicate in far-more expensive options.

Today, I consider Craig a “partner” in both my business and personal planning and feel stronger and far more resilient as I face an uncertain economy (and less certain marketplace) with the confidence that there is a way and with Craig, a profitable way to handle all future challenges and opportunities.

Martin Ralph

We have used Exceedia as our accountants for over 15 years.

In those years Building Waterproofing Services has evolved from a small 2 man business to where it is now, a medium size business employing 12 people.

Exceedia has help us grow our business with their expertise from the usual annual financials and tax returns to the more involved company structuring such as trusts, partner exit, asset protection, taxation issues, tax planning, SMSF.

Whenever we have questions or issues relating to the Company or even personal , we can contact Exceedia for their advice, if it is something they don’t do or provide, they will find the right professional, for example Lawyers, Financial planners, IT Consultants, these are some of the professionals Exceedia have organise for us. This helps keep them in touch with all our relevant circumstances

As part of the service provided by Exceedia, they make regular contact with us to check on how the business is running, reviewing performance and recommend tips and strategies to get a better result.

In Summary Exceedia are: Professional, Constructive, Resourceful, Innovative, and Accessible.